Monitoring your credit report does not impact your credit score.  
Try CreditCheck Total Free reports & scores from all 3 bureaus 7 day free trial
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CreditCheck Total is one of our Top picks.

The Facts
This free credit report offer provides a 3-in-1 credit report with credit scores from each bureau. The CreditCheck Total offers users a FREE trial basis for 7 days. After that 7 days you will be billed $19.95 per month. This offer is presented by one of the major credit bureaus Experian. You also get 7 days of credit report monitoring. With this monitoring service you will get e-mailed any key changes to your personal credit report. We believe credit report monitoring is key to healthy credit management along with viewing your credit report regularly.

Trial Period and Cancellation

During the CreditCheck Total 7 day FREE trial if you choose to cancel, you still receive your free credit report and free credit scores. Remember this offer after 7 days is unlimited access to your reports.

We think this is a great service for the value, and would not hesitate recommending someone to get there credit report with CreditCheck Total.

One of the main draw backs is you don’t get your real FICO scores with this offer. Regardless the Experian PLUS scores are very similar to your FICO scores. Another key factor with this offer is you will get identity theft protection up to $25,000 in coverage. CreditCheck Total will also assign a resolution specialist if you are a victim of identity theft. This specialist will assist in contacting law enforcement along with taking the necessary steps to protect you and your credit.

Overall this offer is a Plus with us, since you get credit monitoring of all 3 credit bureaus and unlimited access to your credit report and scores.

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