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  Pulling your credit rating does not impact your credit score.  
MyFICO Score Watch monitors important changes to your Equifax credit file and FICO® score.
Our Review

This offer gives you the credit score that most lenders use to determine your credit risk.

The Facts
The biggest advantage of MyFICO's credit score offer is that you actually get your real FICO credit score. That credit bureau is Equifax. Regardless you get an idea where your credit score stands with a particular bureau. You don't get your credit score with Experian and TransUnion. Typically the credit scores are different, so it will be hard to determine what you middle credit score is. Your middle credit score is what all lenders use to determine your rate and terms for a loan. On positive note, usually if you’re FICO score is good, your other scores are generally good as well. Take note, that your credit score with the other bureaus could dramatically be different also. That is why we recommend that you get all 3 credit scores. My Fico Score Watch comes with a great monitoring service. The Score Watch service monitors your Equifax credit rating on a daily basis, and your FICO score on a weekly basis.

Trial Period and Cancellation

MyFICO has several plans. You can view your FICO score once for $15.95, or access your FICO score and credit report four times a year for $4.95/month (with a three month minimum). Other services such as credit score monitoring, alerts, and ID Protection are also available with plans starting at $9.95 per month with a three month minimum.

Score Watch Monitors your credit report at Equifax on a daily basis and your FICOŽ score on a weekly basis

  • Monitors your credit report at Equifax on a daily basis and your FICO® score on a weekly basis;
  • Notifies you when you reach your target score or when you might qualify for a better interest rate;
  • Alerts you when unexpected changes to your credit report cause your FICOŽ score to drop;
  • Provides two Equifax Score Power reports each year.

  • Downside
    you only get your FICO credit score with only one bureau. That credit bureau is Equifax.

    In our opinion, if you want to know your actual FICO score with Equifax, this is a great offer to get. With the Score Power software, this software is very innovative in regards to improving your overall credit rating. Just having this software is well worth it.

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