Pulling your credit rating does not impact your credit score.  
Try Privacy Matters 1-2-3 scores from all 3 bureaus. 7-day trial
Our Review

This particular offer adds a lot of values plus the on-line access to FICO Scorewatch.

The Facts
Privacy Matters1-2-3 offers credit scores from each credit bureau. You will also get credit monitoring for each credit bureau with automatic alerts when activity is detected on your credit. This product includes on-line access to FICO Scorewatch, which automatically notifies you of changes to your FICO score.

Trial Period and Cancellation

This offer costs $29.95 after the trial period.

With Privacy Matters1-2-3 users will get up to $25,000 of identity theft coverage at no extra cost. This service also provides you with Identity Theft Restorations services. You will also get a no-cost debt analysis. This particular offer adds a lot of value, especially since you get your 3-in-1 scores.

The main issue we have with this offer is they automatically enroll you in 3 offers. When getting this credit rating offer you will have to cancel all 3 services that you have been enrolled in automatically.

The positive side to this offer is you get 3 bureau credit monitoring along with a 3-in-1 credit rating with credit scores.

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