Pulling your credit report does not impact your credit score.  
SmartCredit is a truly unique free credit report offer where users can get 4 scores
Our Review

SmartCredit is a truly unique free credit report offer where users can get 4 scores.

The Facts
This is a 3-1 free credit report and 4 credit scores. This report comes with a bundle of services. You get a free credit scores and free credit report lock on a 5-day FREE trial basis. This report also comes with software that allows you to calculate your future credit score based on information provided by you. This credit analysis also estimates a risk potential for identity theft and monetary damages. There is also wizard software that allows you to fix your credit report. There are different options in this fix it software that allows you to also recover from identity theft, manage your debts, and report fraud on billings statements. In a way it’s like your little credit guardian.

Trial Period and Cancellation

This report is a 5-day trial for the basic membership, and $29.95 there after.

SmartCredit also comes with the option to lock your credit reports. Anyone wising to grant credit in your name should first validate your identity and application for credit by contacting you at the phone number you designate. This report also provides your estimated auto score, insurance score, credit score and your employment score.

We don't see any drawbacks to the product, because not only to you get your free credit report and credit score, you also get a ton of tools to help you fix problems on your credit report. The tools within this offer are very easy to use and understand.

We would recommend this to anyone that is wanting to get a copy of there credit report and looking to protect themselves against identity theft. We found that the software tools to repair your credit report are priceless, and very unique to the credit report industry.

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